#445- Access Denied error on "Profile Web Application"

First of all, I am logged in as administrator on my windows 2000 machine.

Opened .net profiler, selected "Profile Web Application", filled in URL and clicked OK

An error window pops up with the message
"An error has occur while starting profiler
Reason: Access is denied"

This seems to be while restarting IIS


As stated in our System Requirements we currently support IIS version 5.1 and higher which means that profiling web applications is supported in Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server only at the moment. We will add support for earlier versions of IIS along with .NET 2.0 and X64 support in version 1.1 which will be out in late September.



State of this request was changed from "Submitted" to "Open"

Priority: High
Planned for version: 1.1


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