coverage from TeamCity using GAC assemblies

we just bought dotcover and have dotcover 1.0 installed in our buildagent. we have tests that are run against the local sharepoint farm. All the dlls that communicate with sharepoint are deployed to GAC after it's built. Then, when we run tests using NUnit through teamcity, we get all the Test Results back without any issues; but we get no coverage for all the assemblies in GAC. I tried the bundled dotcover as well as the locally installed dotcover. I also tried copying all the pdb files to the GAC. It doesn't make any difference.

From the dotcover blog posts, it looks like the only way to get coverage is to use the console runner; so I am planning to copy the pdb to GAC, run "dotcover cover <xml file name>" and pass the coverage results back to Teamcity using service message.

Let me know, if there is an easier way to accomplish this task.

Update: passing the coverage output back to teamcity via service message results in the same output as doing it through TeamCity Code Coverage. I am going to upgrade to 1.1 to see if that helps.



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Hello Kannan
     We will put some more logging into one of the next dotCover 1.1 EAP builds. I will let you know as soon as the build is available and will provide you with further instructions. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

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Any updates? I am still not able to get the code coverage done successfully in the build server. Locally on windows 7 x64, i was able to use dotcover 1.1, build 200, and use the commands cover, merge and report to generate HTML report. But on the build server (windows server 2008 x64), i get error that dotcover exited with code -1. I can't get the Teamcity to do the code coverage at all for the GAC assemblies. The above result is from running through console.

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I got it working now through Teamcity; the pdb files were out of sync with the dlls and fixing that, fixed the issue. Thanks


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