Why are parts of my unit test highlighted?

This is really two questions -
1) Why are unit tests highlighted at all?  Is that indicating that the tests themselves are covered (and by what)?
2) I have several tests that while they themselves have highlighting, the first half of a test is green and the second half is still in red.  What does that mean and how do I rectify that?

Some background info - I am using Resharper 5.1.3 and Telerik's JustMock.


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Hello Dan,
Answering your questions:
1) dotCover collects info about all the code which was executed (be it a test run or coverage analysis of the standalone application).
You can adjust the scope of coverage results using coverage filters (as described here: http://blogs.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2010/07/filtering-with-dotcover/)
2) This means that the second part of the test wasn't executed during unit test run. Statements which were executed are marked with green.
Please let me know if you'll have any further questions.


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