"Jump to invalid addres" error

I always get an error "Jump to invalid address" whenever I try to use the tool with an ASP.NET app or its associated web service. The tool basically kills IIS.


I still get the same error with the release version of 1.1.1 on a particular project (web service project).

Once I get the error I can never get dotCover to work again right. Every time I select "IIS Application", w3wp.exe dies right away and I I have to start it. Also the dotCover window shows an empty process as if it couldn't find the w3wp.exe process even though I can see it running in the Task Manager.




Hello Abdu,
Could you please provide some details about your environment?
What are your Windows, VS, IIS versions?


Hello Abdu,
There is else one question: do you use TypeMock Isolator?
There was an integration issue which resulted in a similar error.
Currently we work with the TypeMock team on resolving it.


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