unhappy :-(


I'm struggling to find this tool useful - it seems unfinished?

Can anyone explain what the following code coverage output means ...


Overall, the routine is not covered?(from routine header), BUT .... Body line 1 has not been executed, line 2 has been ignored(?) lines 3&4 have been executed... etc etc etc

The output seems completely wrong, and also doesn't get updated as execution proceeds!

Finally... is there any documentation?


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Hi Chris,

First of all - terribly sorry for delayed answer!

The picture you've attached looks really odd. Could you please provide any details about your usecase?
What kind of application and what Visual Studio version do you have? Am I right - this highlighting is a result of "Cover Startup Project" action?

About documentaion - the online tutorials are available under Docs and Demos section on our web-site:  http://www.jetbrains.com/dotcover/documentation/index.html as well as in our .NET Tools Blog: http://blogs.jetbrains.com/dotnet/tag/dotcover/

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It looks like the info from the outdated snapshot was applied to the modified source code.
Please try to rerun coverage analysis.


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