Bug: No coverage - just gray

I'm not pleased anymore.

From time to time the coverage window looks like this:
I'm not sure what causes this but I can say it's not like this when I restart VS2010

I use build 1.2.384.4 of DotCover and build 6.1.1000.82 of ReSharper


Getting the same problem, (even with dotCover EAP v2.0.408.47 which seems to do it all the time, so swapping back to v1.2)

Seems ok to start with, but then stops working, quite often if I swap solutions, it won't work until I restart VS.


Rasmus, Nicholas,
Thank you for the feedback.
I've filled an issue for this our tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DCVR-3639 and you are welcome to track its status.
Current workaround for this issue is to close unit test session tab - and then run coverage.



Rasmus, Nicholas,
Please try dotCover 2.0 release build.
The issue described above should be fixed.


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