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We are keen to use dot cover as our main code coverage tool, but doing some quick checks we notice it doesn't touch on a few areas which we would like in the long term.

From our simple tests we see it has basic Function and statement coverage but have noticde that a few senarios such as Condition coverage ((or predicate coverage) - Has each boolean sub-expression evaluated both  to true and false? This does not necessarily imply decision coverage. (wikipedia)) are not implemented. (see:
Ideally we are still keen to use dot cover but would like to know the roadmap of features such as Conditional coverage and in the long term we are very interested in path coverage.

Is there anyway to see the roadmap and if these points are even being considered for it?
If there is already a way to do all of these things then I would love to know how :)


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Hi Murray,
Thank you for interest to the product!
We don't have publicly available info about the exact roadmap, but we're always open for your requests, comments and suggestions.
You are welcome to submit them to our tracker:
Regarding your question: currently dotCover provides only statement coverage, besides that we have branch coverage in our long-term plans.
Most likely this will be the next year. Here is a link to the corresponding request:
You can vote for it and track its status.
Please let us know if you'll have any questions.


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