#596- Filter and recalculate

It would be very useful to be able to narrow in on (filter with recalculation) the ms timings and relative percentages of just the nodes a user wants to see.

For example, code paths like System.Web.UI.TempateControlPArser.CompileAndGetParserCacheItem and System.Web.Compilation.PreservedAssemblyEntry.BackgroundBatchCompiler.BatchCompileDirectory can, at 50% combined, totally outweigh the rest of my code.

If I could remove (or choose to not count) these and other nodes, the percentages for my own code would rise from 0.01 % to something more meaningful. I would be happy to just grep out the lines I don't care about if the .jbprof storage file format was XML.

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State of this request was changed from "Submitted" to "Open"

Priority: Normal
Planned for version: Not for 1.1.x


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