Coverage analysis failed. (Failed to merge snapshots.) Showing results of the previous session.


When I want to re-run the coverage ("cover all tests in solution via RS 6.1.1000") to include latest changes (due to update from scc outside vstudio) dotCover displays "Coverage analysis failed. (Failed to merge snapshots.) Showing results of the previous session."

I then need to close the session window and redo the whole thing. Why am RS trying to merge snapshots when I tell it I run all tests in solution anyhow? Wouldn't it be better if it just replaced the snapshot all together?



FWIW, reverted back to dotCover 1.2 which works much better for me (using RS 6.1)
(I also almost always had issues with 2.0 that some NUnit fixtures weren't run during coverage session, and when I re-ran it I got the above "Failed to merge snapshots." and since test suite taks ~3min using DC 2.0 for the entire test suite was pretty much useless).

*Edit: I have same issue with dotcover/RS not always running all tests so that does not seem to be specific to 2.0, but at least 1.2 don't get the merge failure.



Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the late reply.
Could you please send us dotCover 2.0 log files? The logs can be turned on by specifying the following command line parameter for your VS:

devenv.exe /dotCover.LogFile path_to_the_log_file

Thanks in advance!


I've got same issue with R# 7.0 and dotCover 2.0.
Here is my dotCover log file.


Hello Denis,

Thank you for the info.
We are currently investigating this problem, you are welcome to track  status of the corresponding issue in our bug-tracker:



Hi folks,

The issue was fixed and you are welcome to try dotCover 2.1 Beta:
Any feedback is much appreciated!



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