Gallio integration and the original gallio xml report


I am using dotCover to cover my MbUnit tests using Gallio.Echo.exe.

Is there any way to get access to the Gallio reports which are normally generated using Gallio.Echo.exe? I use the traditional xml report to generate a custom html report and without access to this, I essentially need to run my tests twice (once through dotCover and once directly through Gallio, just to get this report).

Please help!


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Seems I was able to figure it out :)

In case anyone else is running into this issue, you can use the /TargetArguments parameter to supply any switches to /TargetExecutable that you might need.


/TargetExecutable:"tools\gallio\Gallio.Echo.exe" /TargetArguments:"output\Tests.dll /rt:xml /rd:output\reports"


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