dotCover 2.2 just stopped giving coverage reports under Win7 VS2010/2012


A week ago I was able to run run coverage on my unit tests by selecting dotCover unit test, from the jetBrain icon on the left side of my VS code editor window or by selecting dotCover coverage in the test browser,

Now, when I try to cover a unit test(s) dotCover runs, but the report come back with 0% covered, and no covered/total statments number. Also, when I export to JSON or HTML, there is not data in the report.

It seems like dotCover is not longer running coverage over my code. And at one point not long ago, I had no problem.

I am running dotCover, dotTrace an ReSharper.

Anybody had a similar experience? Is there any fix out there?

If you think you can help me, but require more information, please do not hestiate to ask.


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Hello Bob,

Could you please check the following:
- coverage filters are correct
- your solution is built with PDBs
- try to disable project structure matching from coverage results toolbar

If the issue will still reproduce, please send us dotCover log file.
(you just need to start VS with the following command line key: /dotCover.LogFile path_to_the_log_file)
I've sent you additional email, you can use it as a contact.

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Thank you.

The issue was my coverage filters.


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