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I'm trying to use dotCover and MSTest from the command line and I've hit a small bump that I've no idea how to solve. I'm hoping someone can give me pointers in the right direction. Ultimaly I want to bring CruiseControl.NET into the equation which is why I'm using the console runner.

I have a class library, with a test library to excercise it, and using MSTest command line the tests work as expected, however when I use dotCover to call MSTest I get the following error:

[JetBrains dotCover] Coverage session finished with errors: Non existent snapshot index file was received from core;

dotCover runs the tests succesfully so I assume dotCover is expecting to find something that I'm not providing.  I've been following the instructions from this blog

I'm using dotCover 2.2 with Visual Studio 2012.

Any ideas will be gratefully appreciated


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I've found the problem.

The help system describes the tags

<TargetExecutable><!-- File name of the program to analyse. --></TargetExecutable>
<TargetArguments><!-- Program arguments. --></TargetArguments>
<TargetWorkingDir><!-- Program working directory. --></TargetWorkingDir>

however if I remove the 'Target' part of the tag it all works nice and dandy.


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Hi Paul,

Glad that you've found the problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



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