Debug Unit tests don't work under Visual Studio 2012?

Recently switched to VS2012 - Dot Cover works ok when covering tests, however setting a breakpoint and walking them using the Debug Unit Test option simply shows "pending" and never proceeds.  I have to jump back to VS2010 to be able to do that.

I'm assuming there's some configuration option I'm missing somewhere?

I'm running doCover full 2.2 build 2.2.515.8


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I notice a reply from a week ago about trying the beta version 2.5 - just downloaded and installed that and it still doesn't work:

Build 2.5.559.25 on 2013-05-14T19:59:16

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Hi Jeff,

Do you use dotCover's or ReSharper's unit test runner? If it is Resharper's one, which version of ReSharper do you have?
Also, what unit test framework do you use?



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