No Code Coverage results when running coverage in build environment

We are attempting to incorporate code coverage into our build process. We currently use TFS 2010 and test with Visual Studio 2012 against the projects. During the build process, we deploy our product into a deployment environment, mimicking a client install. This means that the compiled DLL’s are all deployed into specific folders. Then to run our remote unit tests, we also deploy the unit test DLL’s to the same folders. Our build script then runs MSTest remotely through a bat file against those test containers (unit test dll’s). We get unit test results just fine doing this method.

Now that we are incorporating code coverage, we are running into an issue when running the command-line console runner for code coverage. Using the Analyse command in an xml file in our deployed environment returns no results. The HTML file is created, but only the root node is displayed. (DotCover runs the unit tests and those results are fine, but doesn’t show any coverage results.) However, when running dotCover on a local developer machine the same way (but obviously pointed to bin\debug folders), it runs fine and returns results for both unit tests and code coverage.
We have tried adding PDB files to our deployed environment and still no code coverage results. Can you help us? Thanks!


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