Visual Studio 2013 support

Would it be possible to add support for VS 2013 in the next 2.5 EAP, please?

dotCover 2.5 EAP has not been updated for a long time. What is the timeframe for the official release?

There is one major problem in all dotCover 2.* versions related to merging snapshots which makes dotCover unusable in an automated build.

It would be nice to get more visibility on what is going on with dotCover. It just doesn't seem to go anywhere.



Hi Calin,

dotCover 2.5 release is planned within 2 weeks, thus VS 2013 support will be available in the next release EAP. For sure, we will try to do its asap, cause R# already has it.
Regarding merging problem  - could you please reply to our developer in comments for this issue?
Thanks in advance.



I'm installing dotCover 2.5 and it's not working with VS 2013. Am I missing something?


Next release EAP must mean 2.6, so hang on: it's soon.


Any feedback on the VS 2013 support?



We've just opened dotCover 2.6 EAP and you are welcome to try it:
Please don’t forget to let us know about any issues you might experience via dotCover issue tracker.

Best regards.


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