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How do we license our copy of dotCover on the CI build server? We do not have Visual Studio installed on the CI build server and there doesn't appear to be a UI where we can enter the license key. We are not using a License server and have purchased corporate licenses for our developers and build server. We are using CruiseControl, nant, svn, Nunit, dotCover and msbuild for our CI implementation.

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Hi Bob,

Currently dotCover console runner doesn't check the license explicitly. Usage is limited only by legal considerations as the console runner is a part of the full dotCover distribution.
Regarding the CI there are two options:
- in case of TeamCity no additional licenses required as TeamCity license allows to use bundled dotCover version
- in case of other systems each build-agent will need to have a separate dotCover license.
Please let us know if you have further questions.



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