Create Coverage snapshot with cmdline-dotcover - open in VisualStudio-dotcover?



I'm using the command line dotcover.exe to create a coverage snapshot.
Afterwards I want to open it in the VisualStudio-integrated version of dotcover.
But unfortunately in Visual Studio the snapshot is empty! Although I successfully created a html report of the respecting coverage snapshot.

Am I doing something wrong? This is the command line i use for snapshot creation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\dotCover\v2.5\Bin\dotCover.exe cover
/targetarguments="/labels /nologo /noshadow /nothread /xml:c:\6040.2\Trunk\Buildoutput\Debug\..\TestResults\CoverageWebinarLibrary1.Tests.TestResult.xml /exclude:Explicit c:\Users\csponsel\Documents\CoverageWebinar_2014\CoverageWebinar\CoverageWebinarLibrary1.Tests\bin\Debug\CoverageWebinarLibrary1.Tests.dll"
/TargetWorkingDir=c:\6040.2\Trunk\Buildoutput\Debug /Filters="+:module=CoverageWebinarLibrary1;"-:module=*.Tests

I'm using dotcover 2.5.
I also attached the respecting coverage snapshot.

Kind regards,


Hi Carsten,
By default dotCover matches coverage snapshot with current solution structure and hides results for assemblies which do not have matching projects.
You can disable this behaviour with a corresponding button on the coverage results toolbar.


Hi Ruslan,

yes that's it :-)

You guys at JetBrains support do a great job :-)



Hi Rusian,


I am facing same issue while running following command from command line. Please help how can i disable this option from command line

"dotcover cover coverage.xml"




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TargetExecutable>C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\dotCover\v2.2\Demo\NUnit\nunit-console.exe</TargetExecutable>

<!-- Allows including not loaded assemblies in the specified scope into coverage results. Ant-style patterns are supported here. -->










Hi Abhay,

Which exactly problem are you facing? 
"Match coverage results with current project structure" option is available only in VS and can be enabled/disabled only in VS.


Hello Fedor,

I am using command line to execute coverage of my project.

Following command is used - "dotcover cover coverage.xml"

But i am getting garbage values in my coverage report as shown in above comment and screen shot


Hello Abhay,

Your XML file has a configuration for "analyze" command, not for "cover" command which you used.

Here's a help topic about dotCover console runner commands:
Please try the following command line:

dotcover.exe analyze coverage.xml




Hello Fedor,

Thanks for your input.


I have tried above command. However i am not able to see treeview structure of coverage report. Please find below screen shot of report file and command execution.

Please check and help. Thanks


Hello Abhay,

It looks like dotCover couldn't find project's PDB files.

In your XML file, the test assembly is specified in the Release folder. Are your assemblies built with PDBs?


Hello Fedor,

I have tried with Debug Folder also. Still i am not able to see treeview structure of coverage report. PDB files are present in debug folder.




Hello Abhay,

I'm going to create a support ticket because we need some private debug info from you.


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