Coverage of both client-side (test) and server-side code

I have some integration tests that call a WCF web service, which may be running in IIS or in Windows Azure DevFabric. There are other tests in the same project that exercise code directly (in-process). Obviously, by default, dotCover has no way of knowing what the server process is doing, so server-side code is not included in the coverage results. Is there any way to include it, ie. essentially "attach" to an existing running process in addition to the running application (NUnit test runner)? Is there any other way to do it, even if I have to run the tests twice?


Hello Evgeny,
dotCover has an option to analyse all .NET processes which were started after the coverage session initialized.
(Available from main menu: dotCover -> Cover Application -> .NET process)
There is else one approach. You can obtain separate snapshots for you server side and client side code and merge them with console runner 'merge' command afterwards.


Is it supported from the command line ?


Hello Pawel,
Currently it is possible to analyse only console applications from the command line.
But the list of the supported application types will be surely extended in future releases.


That would be great. At the moment it is a deal breaker for me.


3 years later, has anything changed on this point?

I would like to create 2 test runs. One that needs to attach to the IIS to run my Selenium tests (which I still cannot do outside of visual studio?).
The other one should run the tests normally and then I want to merge these two reports.

In the end I'm hoping to manage to set all of this up inside of TeamCity and really get some continous integration working.

Although I have no experience with TeamCity yet I'm assuming that I'll be able to re-use the same config/script I have to build here inside there.


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