Showing uncovered statements in stand-alone application?

After getting NUnit tests working with

.Net 4.5
, I’d now like to see which lines of code aren’t covered using the stand-alone application. I have full details down to the method, but I can’t double- or right- click to get an annotated source code listing. There also don’t appear to be any options in the configuration menu to output which lines or statements are not covered.

dotCover has been very useful already, and uncovered a critical bug even in my first hour of using it on one of our simpler modules. But I think I’m going to need a source code listing of some sort when I get to one of our more complicated modules.

I am running

dotCover version 2.7.3
Maria Serebryansky
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Hello Nick,

What you can do is export coverage results into html file. If you open this file in your browser and click a method or a property, you'll see highlighted source code to the right.

Kind regards,

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It would be nice if the stand-alone application supported code browsing natively, but this works just fine for now. Thank you!


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