dotTrace and continuous integration (CCNET) ?

I have been asking (almost one year ago) about using dotTrace within a continuous integration process. Basically, I would like to be able to profile some batch operations to be run and publish the corresponding HTML report at the end of the integration build. This would be very useful to evaluate the evolution of performance of complex systems over time and would have a great value for us.

Does anyone here has succeeded at integrating dotTrace within their continuous integration builds?

Thanks in advance,
Joannes Vermorel business forecasting

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Hi Joannes,

  Tight integration between dotTrace and a continuous integration server is on our wishlist, but it is not planned for the next release. However, you can integrate dotTrace with any build process by using dotTrace command line: you are able to instruct dotTrace to profile an application and get snapshot in XML format for further analysis. See details in dotTrace help.

WBR, Oleg


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