Memory leak with dotTrace 3.1 x64 and heavy multithreaded app?

I am running dotTrace 3.1 x64 under Win2k3 on 8-CPU machine and profiling a heavily multithreaded app, and I am obversing something that looks like a memory leak. I am doing a CPU profile with "Thread Time" and "Sampling".

Basically, for the first couple of minutes the profiled app is just querying a database server, the OS memory usage stay flat at 2GB. But then, as soon the multithreaded computations start, the memory usage increase of 300 MB / second (rough visual estimate), somehow freezing everything once the entire memory and page file are full.

Has anyone observed such a problem already? Any solution?

Thanks in advance,

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Joannes Vermorel sales forecasting

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Dear Jonnes,

Performance profiler keeps measure data in memory. It flush data if not enough memory to work. The flushing threshold is:
- (physical memory) / 2 for sampling
- min(physical memory, virtual memory) / 4 for tracing.

I see the sampling mode has got the mistake. I'll fix it in next EAP build for 3.1. Thank you very much for this request.

Best wishes,
Mikhail Pilin


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