dotTrace crashing when multiple instances are run?

I just gave another try at dotTrace and we are getting silent crashes when multiple profilers are run concurrently. In fact, we have a 8-core machine under Win2k3 64bits, dotTrace is launched through the command-line, and sometime, because of our process, multiple dotTrace instances happens to run on the same time (which is not a problem because we are only interested in thread times). In such situation, dotTrace very frequently crash.

Is there any plan to solve this issue in the next version?

Thanks in advance,
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Dear Joannes,

I have never tried to profile in that way. But, in fact one dotTrace instance doesn't know about another one - different ports, different processes... I say that only for the standalone applications. Other application types such as IIS, windows services will have troubles.

I'll test dotTrace 4.0 for this configuration after May 16th.

MIkhail Pilin

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Thanks Mikhail. For your information, the crashes are encountered with plain console .NET executables: not windows services, not running in IIS, not unsafe .NET code (100% managed code). Maybe the problem is located on the .NET hooks used by the profiler (although, I am very barely knowledgeable about the dotTrace internals).


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