Profiling IE rich UI add-on


I'm try to profile an Internet explorer add-on which loads a rich .NET 2.0 client side UI.
It works as follows:
There's an Active-X which loads all .NET classes (part of the loader is in .NET 20.0 ) register those components and then launch the .NET component.

To profile it I launch  dotTrace 3.1 as "profile application" with IE as the application,since the regasm is loaded first it takes a snapshot of the regasm activity but does not get to the main class which is loaded afterwards.I've tried already with and without "start profiling immediately " , tracing and sampling profiling .

How van i achive profiling for the loaded calss ?

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Do you launch the .NET component in the IE process? If you do, profiler should see all code.

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It is launch with in the IE .
But first application A is being loaded and unloaded ( then the "profile" window disappear ) then application B is being loaded
I want to profile only application B

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Ah, I see now. Probably there are two CLRs initialized one after another in the same process. That is a rare scenario, let us think about how to handle it best. Thank you very much for reporting that!


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