Profiling on Windows Azure?

Have you ever consider providing your profiler for .NET apps run on Windows Azure? Cloud computing is all about performance optimization because you end-up changed for the exact resources that you consume. Thus, on the cloud, a profiler has a very real & measurable ROI because perf improvements are  immediately converted in lower hosting bills. In particular, the sampling profiling mode is very lightweight - almost unnoticeable - and could be used on apps actually run in production to make live measurements of cloud apps bottlenecks.

I would be really interested in being able to use dotTrace on Windows Azure.

Best regards,
Joannes Vermorel
Lokad Sales Forecasting

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Dear Joannes,

We aren't planned to implement Windows Azure profiling in dotTrace 4.0. I have to descuss it with my bosses.

WBR, Mikhail Pilin

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Thanks Mikhail. I get the feeling that the .NET cloud is large opportunity for profiling tools, and I would pretty excited at the idea of using dotTrace on Azure.


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