How to uncover Memory Leaks

In DotTrace Memory 3.5 what is the best process to uncover the Memory Leaks and their root cause?

I have tried the following:

1) Click "Mark Memory"
2) Perform the action on my app that I think has a memory leak
3) Click "Get Snapshot"
4) In the snapshot select "Show New And Dead Objects Difference"

This allows me to see the objects that are still alive, but when I try to find out where they were allocated (by clicking "Incoming References") I get the message "Incoming class reference graph is not available ifor differences mode".

One other general comment - there are tutorials/videos on using DotTrace Performance but there seem to be a lack of tutorials on how to use Dot Trace Memory.

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I've now discovered that after my step 4 by changing the filter from "Show New And Dead Objects Difference" to show all, I can then select "Incoming References" so I can see where the object was allocated.

My question still stands though - is this the best way of uncovering memory leaks in DotTrace Memory?


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