Not All .NET Processes Show Up for Profiling

I installed a trial version of version 5 on a webserver that supports a single website. I didn't have any real issues with profiling a .NET process. I did have a problem with attaching to a .NET process as it would never populate any processes in the box to profile even though it was running and I could see it in the task manager.

So I installed version 5 on another webserver I manage that support multiple websites. The problem I have is that when I use Profile a .NET Process it will show some of the processes but not all of them. I have multiple app pools which all create their own w3wp worker process. And the one I need to monitor is never showing up in the dropdown list. I have killed the process and then opened up the profiler and then restarted the process by browsing the website but it still never shows up in the list. Also, on the Attach to .NET Process the same two processes show up but not all of them that I need to monitor.

Any ideas on why some don't show up and how to force it to work?



Hi Cliff,
dotTrace can only attach to .NET Framework 4.0 or higher. Maybe the processes that are not shown use older versions of framework?


I am not finding this to be the case. I am connecting to .NET 2 processes without issue. I was just having an issue with it connecting if multiple processes were running at once. I kept starting and stopping my process and dt and it finally recognized it and provided me with profiling data.


Cliff, sorry, I didn't get the point and mixed Attach and ".NET Process" modes.
Attach is available only for 4.0 framework, as I've said before; also some process may not be shown in a list because they're launched with higher permissions than dotTrace - i.e. if you want to attach to process that is running "as administrator" with dotTrace in "normal" mode.
As for ".NET Process" mode, it works like this: you start profiling of this type; then you launch the process you want to profile; dotTrace "catches" the process when .NET is started and then you can get a snapshot. When you start w3wp process, it doesn't rise .NET immediately, sometimes it takes about 30-60 seconds. So maybe you need just to wait before restarting your process.


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