Export to Visual Studio project

I would like to see a feature for exporting all the assembly source code to a Visual Studio project and code.


This would be a superb feature.


Nice idea but I'll not commit to such a feature:

  1. Such a feature will open doors and windows for "software code piracy" (e.g. exporting to VS project, just renaming the namespace and saying "it is mine"!?)
  2. There should be no need for such a feature (if you are the original owner of the .dll you should have all the sources and project files etc.)
  3. Even it is not 100% possible to avoid such kind of "software code piracy" (or "Copy&Paste Development") but JetBrains and other valuable vendors should not make it easier for bad guys

In order to guarantee that a .dll is from you you should use a strong-name. In order to avoid "easy" stealing of source code you should use Dotfuscator or something similar.

Using dotPeek and Reflector for debugging purposes (e.g. debugging foreign code) is OK of course.

--Harald-René Flasch (aka hfrmobile)


The export feature is available in Reflector Pro. dotPeek is not going to invent something new.


Oh, that's new for me since I am not using the Pro-edition of RedGate's Refelector.

Maybe JetBrains will add such an feature but it will not change my opinion for such a feature. I'll not need it ;-)

Will be interessting if there will be a dotPeek Pro-edition including that feature or if it remains free which such an feature ...


I do not think JetBrains has to follow a different path from Red Gate, SharpDevelop or Telerik, for example. These providers do not encourage software piracy at all and include the option of generating the visual studio project. The issue of piracy has to be resolved by other means but not putting obstacles. This is my humble opinion.


There is an issue for exporting entire projects: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/DOTP-447

For bad guys: decompilation result is not that good to be used without serious debugging and modifications (in all listed products, as far as I know)
Especially if good obfuscation with partial native code is used.


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