Not Enough Memory to Open Snapshot

I am trying to load a 4.64 GB snapshot and keep getting an error stating "Not enought memory to open snapshot."  See attached screenshot. If dotTRACE memory is incapable of profiling large snapshots, please tell me what the maximum size it can handle.  I am running Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise with 8 GB of physical RAM and 64 GB of virtual RAM.

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Owen, unfortunately it's a kind of known issue in dotTrace Memory 3.5. We can't specify maximum snapshot size because it depends not only on the file size - the problem is in complexity of the snapshot, amount of nodes and connections between them. This issue was the main reason to create new version of dotTrace Memory. New version isn't released yet, but we've opened a kind of "quiet EAP" - if you want to try an alpha-quality build, please contact me by email:


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