How to activate ProfilingControlKind.API in dotTrace SDK?

I am trying to implement dotTrace into my application to be able to start and stop tracing when needed.
Problem is that I can not get to work ProfilingControlKind.API parameter. My expectation is that it should not open Performance Controller window and ProfilingControl.IsActive parameter should be true.
Instead I am getting Performance Controller window opened and IsActive is set to false, so I do not have profiling control from code.
Profiling is working and when I close application, file with log is saved to folder.

                    new JetBrains.dotTrace.Api.SaveSnapshotProfilingConfig(@"D:\DotTrace\")
                        ProfilingControlKind = JetBrains.dotTrace.Api.ProfilingControlKind.API,
                        TempPath = Path.GetTempPath(),
                        RedistPath = GetRedistPath(),
                        SnapshotFormat = JetBrains.dotTrace.Api.SnapshotFormat.Compressed


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