Memory Profiling Silverlight 4

Will the nest version of dotTrace for Memory Profiling include support for profiling the memory of Silverlight applications?

If so, when is this release planned?

Also, if this will be supported, will it be subject to the same free upgrade I found for the Performance release:

“I have an existing dotTrace license. Can I upgrade to dotTrace 4 Performance for free?

That depends on when you purchased your license. If you purchased a dotTrace license on or after December 17, 2008, you're eligible for a free upgrade to dotTrace 4 Performance Pro + dotTrace 3.5 Memory Standard! Just download the two products and use your existing license key in them. “




Does anyone read these forums?  I called the sales line and was told "they think" this will be supported in the next release, but aren't

sure, and don't know when it is coming out.  They also were not sure about the upgrade path.

Can someone from JetBrains please reply?


Hi Phil,

  We will implement support for Silverlight 4, though we haven't reached QA stage yet and can't tell how well the Silverlight team has implemented the Profiling API. Speaking of price, you received free upgrade to Perf 4.0 + Mem 3.5 and upgrade of Mem 3.5 to Mem 4.0 will most probably be paid, but we'll make the price very reasonable.

WBR, Oleg


Hi JetBrains / Oleg,

Are you able to provide any indication when memory profiling for Silverlight 4 might be available in dotTrace; EAP or otherwise?

Obviously this feature is available now with a number of your competitors - so am just trying to assess our best course of action.




  Right now the team is busy preparing releases of dotTrace Performance and dotCover, after that we'll focus on EAP for dotTrace Memory. I believe you should expect EAP of this product in April.

WBR, Oleg


Any news on this?

I really really need dottrace Memory for silverlight 4 and 5. The MVVM frameworks are getting complicated and garbage collection is not happening on some of my controls because something is holding references to them. (it could be MEF or Caliburn or my threading I have no idea)

I desperately need dottrace memory  to debug the problem...

How far?

PS- Am I right to assume then that dottrace 3.5 does not work with silverlight 4? I have tried to use it but when you make a dump the ASP.Net development server crashes.


dotTrace 3.5 does not support Silverlight.

WBR, Ivan Shakhov


I too would really like to be able to memory profile Silverlight 4 apps so that I can track down a memory leak I'm seeing.

Has anyone found any way at all to profile memory allocation in SL4 using dotTrace?



I'm assuming this applies to WPF too? When I try to run it on my application, dotTrace Memory just crashes it.



WPF profiling and Silverlight profiling are different. Microsoft had to implement a special runtime for Silverlight to make it work in browsers on Win and OSX. It's this special runtime that dotTrace doesn't support the memory profiling of. WPF uses the regular CLR, and works fine for profiling in my experience. You should probably open a bug report with more information.


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