dotTrace Memory always crashes

I worked with dotTrace Memory on Windows 7 64 bit. The target application was a 32bit NET4 applictaion. All worked fine. Now after reinstalling the system I'm unable to get any snapshot (Dump, Get). Always dotTrace is crashing. Again - it is a 64bit system targeting on a 32 application. The OS has changed to Windows 8. I start it as Main User/Admin, as Administrator, in comp mode. All tries fail. Is there anything I can do to reactivate to life??Thanks for any help,Matthias
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Hello, Matthias,

Unfortunately, dotTrace Memory this version couldn't work in Windows 8.
New version dotTrace Memory 4.0 could work in it, and right now we're having a kind of "quiet EAP" of new version  - it means that you can try an "alpha" build. If you're interested in it, please contact me (


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