php5nsapi.dll Runtime <not .NET assembly file>


I want to see the source code of file php5nsapi.dll that comes in XAMPP package (why? php 5.4.7 error logging timestamp to UTC despite php.ini timezone configuration. I found a fix for regular php 5.4.8 package, and I was hoping to copy-paste somewhere; ideally the right place).

I downloaded JetBrains dotPeek 1.0 and after I navigate to the desired file, I get no decompiled code. I have atached a file to show what the properties window shows. If I then try to view the sourcecode for php.exe, I get same thing.


How can I view the source code for these files? I understood that a decompiler would let me see the file's content in a readable langauge. Right now, when I open this file w/ a text editor, I see this:


thank you

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Unfortunately, dotPeek can decompile only .NET assemblies and *.exe files, so currently there is no possibility to decompile and show the source code for this dll.



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