Exception while creating snapshot - dotTrace performance

Hello Community,

I am using dotTrace Performance 5.3 and have been very satisfied with results and work, but since two weeks I have serious problems.

First I was not able to get SnapShot in “sampling” mode anymore but “tracing” works fine, now “tracing” mode as well throws exceptions, after clicking “GetSnapShot” button.

--> Exception text is attached as txt file.

I need your help very urgent.

Does anybody knows this problem or has Idea how to proceed… what to do to get snapshots again.


Configuration: Win7 x64

The program which needs to be traced contains C# and mixed mode C++/cli and native dlls. The traced process runs as child process.


Any idea or tip?

Many thanks in advance.


Best regards,


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Hello, Alex,
We will try to prepare a private build to understand the reason of this fault and what minimal fixes can be applied to fix that.
Please, contact with me directly at lloix@jetbrains.com.

sorry for inconveniences,
Michael Gerasimov,
dotTrace Techlead.


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