Showing CPU Ticks or more precise ms

Hello all,

I just picked up with dotTrace and it looks very promosing!
But there's something I couldn't find and which is really missing (for me at least), when profiling in Line by Line with CPU Instruction measure I expect to be able to see the CPU Ticks of each profiled methods, instead I can only view time in ms/µs with two fractional digits.

I profile very fast executed methods and 1/100 of a ms/µs is not precise enough for me and I have to admit I'm more used to CPU Tick measures. Could be better with 1/1000 of ms/µs, but CPU Ticks are still a must for me! (shouldn't be hard to display instead of ms, I assume it's the default resolution when you profile in CPU Instruction measure).

Last question, I'd like to see the average time in the call tree view, like * pct * method * total ms * call count * avg time * full method name. I have lots of method called a time related amount and I only want to know the average to compare the values when I optimize my code. Total time is not helpfull for that.
I know I can get it on method properties tool windows, but it's tedious to do that everytime I need to get access to the info.



Thank you for feedback and sorry for late response!
I've added your request about CPU ticks to product backlog.
As for average time. maybe Plain List view will be useful? It contains a list of all the functions called in snapshot (by default only "user code" is displayed, but you can also enable showing system code with appropriate checkbox on the top of the view), and there's a column "Average Time".


Is there any progress on that? It is extremely annoying for me that average time is displayed in whole milliseconds.  When I'm fine-tuning a performance critical application, I also have to fine-tune short methods whose execution time is measured in microseconds.  Now I have to manually divide the total execution time by the number of calls of each method, it is a tedious job.  I can't believe it is such a problem to display Average Time in microseconds.


Unfortunately we haven't redesigned it yet.


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