dotTrace Performance deploys an invalid instruction set when profiling a Windows Mobile application

When profiling a Smart Device Application on a Motorola MC65 device (Windows Mobile 6.5.3, CF 3.5) dotTrace Performance, quite probably, deploys an invalid instruction set which results in an immediate failure. To my best knowledge, Motorola MC65 device is based on ARMV4i architecture and previous versions of dotTrace (e.g., dotTracePerformanceSetup.5.2.1100.108) deployed the ARMV4I instruction set to the device.

The progress bar window message on the latest release (dotTraceSetup. or version 5.3 (dotTracePerformanceSetup.5.3.1114.16):

Deploying profiling cores (Instruction set ARMV4I_FP).

MessageBox on desktop PC running dotTrace:

Can't start application. See below for more details:
The operation has been canceled.

MessageBox on the device:

The application failed to load required components. If the .NET Compact Framework is installed on a storage card, please ensure that this card is in place and launch the application again. If this fails, a re-installation of the .NET Compact Framework is recommended. Support info: -2147483620 (8000001C)

Please advice me on whether this is a known bug and/or is there any workaround for using dotTrace versions 5.2+ with Motorola MC65 device.


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Dear jaccus,

Motorola MC65 has MSM Qualcomm 7627 @ 600 MHz processor with ARMv6 instruction set. Our native DLLs for ARM is compiled only for 32-bit ARMv4 instruction without THUMB. Sorry, but this combination shouldn't work...

Mikhail Pilin


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