dotTrace Performance 5.5

Just downloaded the free trial and attempted to run on my mobile application.  When clicking on the get snapshot button I get an error dialog: "Error - myapplicationname.exe: Can't get module properties (COM error 80004005 - Unspecified error).  This is running .Net CF 3.5 on a Motorola MC75, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional (CE OS 5.2.20963), PXA270 processor.  The application did startup and seems to be functioning fine.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Dear Bob,

Could you please send me core logs? Instruction are here. Don't forget to check Api, MetaDataGt, ModuleCb checkboxes in #4.
My e-mail is mikhail [dот] pilin (ат) jetbrains [dот] com.

Mikhail Pilin
Senior Software Engineer
"Develop with pleasure!"


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