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I'm using dotTrace evaluation version downloaded yesterday to see if this will help us with our current issues, but our use requires I automate the trace process so the user does not have to do anything differently.   I can use command line parameters that seem to be doing the correct thing, but the output file cannot be reloaded by dotTrace Memory.  

Once I can prove it will do what we want, I can convince my bosses to pay for it.

This is the command line I am using:
   "C:\Program Files\JetBrains\dotTrace\Memory\v3.5\JetBrains.dotTrace.exe" -profile cpu -output C:\AIMS\TraceOut\Trace.out -application C:\AIMS\Main\bin\DocuSafe.exe

This launches our program, which seems somewhat slowed by the profiler, and creates a file at the output location when it exits.   This file's magic code (first four characters) is "JBCS" which is NOT the same magic code as snapshot files saved from the UI ("JBMS"), nor does the format seem the same.     Trying to load the file into dotTrace Memory causes an exception.

[ One handled extremely poorly BTW -- a dialog pops up asking me to provide details & report it to your Jira, & provides only a broken link to sign up for the ID required to do so. ]

How can I re-load a snapshot file created this way?   Is this, in fact, a memory profile snapshot file or something completely different?


Hello Bob,
While I'm figuring out what magic code is, please tell me what .NET framework version does your application run on.


Magic code is the first four characters of many binary files -- it is not a ever-present file type identifier, but it is there more often than not and appears to be there for both of these file types.    I do not know what file types are represented by the codes I found, despite network searches.

Our program is targetting .NET Framework v3.5.



Oh you're gonna love this ...

There was an old dotTrace 3.1 licensed copy sitting unused in our company that someone passed to me.    This is prior to the Memory vs Performance profiler split.   It can load the files without problems.

Because the command line executible from dotTrace Memory is creating a well-formatted dotTrace PERFORMANCE snapshot file.

Is there a way to use command line options to create a MEMORY PROFILE SNAPSHOT?


The command line option following "-profile" appears to be critical:

"C:\Program Files\JetBrains\dotTrace 3.1\JetBrains.dotTrace.exe" -profile cpu -output C:\AIMS\TraceOut\Trace.out -application C:\AIMS\Main\bin\DocuSafe.exe

Launches our application and produces a performance evaluation report when it exits.

"C:\Program Files\JetBrains\dotTrace 3.1\JetBrains.dotTrace.exe" -profile ram -output C:\AIMS\TraceOut\Trace.out -application C:\AIMS\Main\bin\DocuSafe.exe
"C:\Program Files\JetBrains\dotTrace 3.1\JetBrains.dotTrace.exe"  -profile gooblygook -output C:\AIMS\TraceOut\Trace.out -application  C:\AIMS\Main\bin\DocuSafe.exe
"C:\Program Files\JetBrains\dotTrace 3.1\JetBrains.dotTrace.exe"  -profile mem -output C:\AIMS\TraceOut\Trace.out -application  C:\AIMS\Main\bin\DocuSafe.exe

All pop up an immediate Help dialog & then exit without launching our application.

"C:\Program Files\JetBrains\dotTrace 3.1\JetBrains.dotTrace.exe" -profile memory -output C:\AIMS\TraceOut\Trace.out -application C:\AIMS\Main\bin\DocuSafe.exe

Launches our application but produces no output.

Methinks I've found the proper parameter and it does not work properly.  :-(

Please advise.


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