dotTrace Memory roadmap

Hi, I have a question regarding the memory profiler roadmap. I'm wondering whether new versions are scheduled to come out, and what feautures we may expect.

We recently bought a license and looking at the installed files It looks like v3.5 dates back to 2013. I'm concerned we have purchased a dead-end product.

I'm looking for new features like ability to analyse memory dumps from live environments, better functions for working in production environments (like not having to restart IIS to analyse one worker process) and
better documentation.

Look forward to hear what the Jetbrains product team have to say!




Hello Avner,
We plan to open next version's EAP in November 2013. At the moment we have an alpha build of this new version; dotMemory 3.5 known issues are fixed in it, and it offers new up-to-date features. Please contact me ( if you're interested in trying it.


How are things looking for the November EAP?


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