dotpeek always crashes when an assembly changes

dotpeek seems to cache the decompiled result.
but the file i loaded has changed. I don't know when dotpeek decides that an assembly has changed enough so it re-decompiles it. But it doesn't seem to work as intended.
dotpeek should invalidate ALL cached decompile-results as soon as the assembly has changed.
Use md5, sha or even filesize+filetime for this?

How to reproduce:
1.compile a hello world in c# that also contains an empty class "a" and use it in main
2. open it in dotpeek
3. change the class name of a to b, compile again
4. find the usages of a (which is still named a not b) by rightclicking
5. as soon as the context menu opens dotpeek will crash

Sometimes it works (50%) if you click on "show compiler generated code" but it stops working after using it 1 or 2 times until dotpeek is restarted (or crashed)

I'm using build: 2014-04-08T21:16:52
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this bug is present since the early 1.0 and possible before.
I rely on dotpeek and lately it crashes so often that I can't seem to use it at all.
I'd restart dotpeek everytime the target assemblies change but always restarting it takes time :(

Fortunately it should be relatively easy to fix :)


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