Plugins in v1.3?

Did plugins get yanked in v1.3?  I don't see any mention of them in the UI and it looks like the plugins folder didn't get created when I installed.  That would be a bummer since I still use NuPeek and PeekFx!




Due to a shared platform between all .NET Tools now, plugins in dotPeek are currently disabled. We are planning to bring them back in the future.

We apologize for the inconvenience for now.



Just kidding, it's just a mild inconvenience. :)


Hey Tim,

Just a small follow up here: there is a possibility now to install NuPeek in dotPeek 1.3.

To do that, use Go To Action (Alt+Enter), type 'extension' there and select 'Extension Manager' there. You will see Extension Manager with all available plugins there (including ReSharper plugins). Find NuPeek there, and install it. Close and open dotPeek after that, and NuPeek will be working.

Note: if you select to install ReSharper Plugins, nothing will happen.
Note 2: it works only if dotPeek 1.3 was installed with installer.


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