Compact framework 3.5 failing to deploy profiling cores

Hey all,

I'm in a dire need of a profiler for CF3.5, but EQUATEC is not sold anymore and dotTrace fails to run :(
The device has Windows Mobile 6.5 with 3.5 CF installed, the version is 3.5.10181 reported by the cgacutil. Whenever I start profiling I'm getting on device error about it failed to load required components (at "Deploying profiling cores" stage), error -2147483620 (8000001C). The program itself works okay, I've checked on 2 computers and 2 devices (that's all I have).
Checking the \Windows folder I see no trace of dotTrace dlls, so I copied all of armv4i ones from JetBrains\dotTrace\v5.5\Bin but that did not help. Is there a way to find out what exactly it is missing?


Hi Anton,

We use RemoteToolsFramework (RTF) for CF v.3.5.7338 from Microsoft to communicate with WM devices. So, it's normal when RTF for CF v3.5.7338 doesn't work with CF v3.5.10181. The problem is: Microsoft stops developing RTF == no more updates and bug fixes. We have no plans to continue developing for CF. Sorry...

Mikhail Pilin,
Senior Core Developer


Thanks for the response, although a grim one. I tried to install lower version of .net cf, as a result totally screwing my device. What bugs me that Equatec profiler actually works, or rather worked, when the project was small enough to not hit its limitation... must be a different technology used?



In the vertical market there is still many devices using the CF, and we are many getting this particular error:

.NET CF-initialization Error
You will need to install one of these versions of .NET Compact framework to run this program: V3.5.9198.0.

To fully understand the problem and getting around it:
1. Do you say that you are deploying a specific version of the Compact Framework (v3.5.7338) from desktop PC, that you have built against only one particular instruction set ?, (instead of using the presinstalled Compact framework on device for running the dotTrace ?, when Launching from dotTrace at Desktop)

2. We firmly believed that the: The MSIL Assembler generated a portable executable (PE) file from Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL), that made the instruction set of the processor not relevant.

3. If this assumption about dotTrace design is the case, how can we trick the dotTrace application to use the devices preinstalled Compact Framework ?

4. A great help in the last resort would also be if you please listed devices that you have successfully tested the dotTrace product with

PS. Using the dotTrace 5.5.8



Hi Swan,

At the end of 2013 we deceided to stop developing for WinCE devices. dotTrace v5.5 is the last profiler version with WinCE support.
There are following reasons for it:
1. Profiling API bugs are still presented now (the most critical is: incorrect and incomplete profiler notifications about stack unwinding)
2. There's no bug fixes and updates for clrprof3_5.dll, rtfhost3_5.exe, rtf3_5.dll from Microsoft WinCE SDK - the last version is v3.5.7338.
3. We used RemoteToolsFramework to communicate with device, but this library has also no support now.
4. WinCE restrictions stop us developing the memory profiler.
5. WinCE code can be only compiled on VS2008 (has furious bug with PCH files loading). It makes development very slow and complicated.

With best wishes,
Mikhail Pilin
Profiler core architect


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