Compact framework 3.5 failing to deploy profiling cores

Hey all,

I'm in a dire need of a profiler for CF3.5, but EQUATEC is not sold anymore and dotTrace fails to run :(
The device has Windows Mobile 6.5 with 3.5 CF installed, the version is 3.5.10181 reported by the cgacutil. Whenever I start profiling I'm getting on device error about it failed to load required components (at "Deploying profiling cores" stage), error -2147483620 (8000001C). The program itself works okay, I've checked on 2 computers and 2 devices (that's all I have).
Checking the \Windows folder I see no trace of dotTrace dlls, so I copied all of armv4i ones from JetBrains\dotTrace\v5.5\Bin but that did not help. Is there a way to find out what exactly it is missing?


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