Profiling IIS hosted WCF service with tcp binding


I have a WCF service hosted in IIS and with both HTTP and TCP endpoints configured.

I would like to profile this service. So I click "Run" with the below options selected.


What happens next is rather strange, my application can't connect to the service by TCP (have not tested http) and to make it work again I must reboot.

Is this a known issue?

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Sorry for the late reply. Could you please check whether the following check boxes are selected: 'Windows Communication Foundation HTTP Activation' and 'Windows Communication Foundation Non-HTTP Activation' under the '.NET Framewrk 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)' node and 'HTTP Activation' under the '.NET Framewrk 4.5 Advanced Services' node (Control Panel | Programs and Features | Turn Windows features on or off)?

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