Access Denied Error when connecting to IIS localy


I get this error when trying to cennect to IIS web application localy.


Thank you very much on the help.

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Hello Pierre-Yves Dubreucq,

Could you please collect core logs for us:

- Close your application and all dotTrace instances
- Clear %temp%\jetlogs folder
- Run dotTrace
- Prepare to profiling, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F11
- Enable "Enable logs" checkbox in "Expert Options" window
- Enable checkboxes: Com, Api, MetaDataGt
- Save settings
- Run profiling, get an error
- Find logs in %temp%\jetlogs folder and send them to us

You can submit a request and attach your logs here:




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What version of operating system and IIS do you have? What version of dotTrace is installed on your machine?

Kind regards,

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Hello, I have exactly the same error with the first version of dotTrace 10. I can attach it to an existing process but only in sampling mode. I need to run a IIS Application profiler in tracing.
Thank you for the helop.
Best regards.




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