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I was using the tool to look for a memory leak on a windows service I developed. I installed it on the server with a half dozen other services I have built and run on the same machine.

I find when I start a profiling session and start the service I am interested in profiling. If for any reason I restart any other .Net service or application dotMemory automatically starts profiling them, now when I am done profiling my original service, it forces the rest of them down.

For me this is unacceptable, if I am interested in profiling a single service or application, I cannot have it auto attach or auto profile other items. I also found no options to manage or disable that behavior.

Please advise how I can stop the application from intruding on my other applications.


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Hi Chris

It seems that you are using ".NET Process" type of profiling, marked with red ellipse on the screenshot. This type of profiling means that dotMemory will profile any .NET process launched after profiling is started.
What you need is "Windows service" type of profiling, marked green on the screenshot. Read more here -

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Actually I am not, I am selecting windows service and choosing my service from the list.

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I created the issue on our bug tracker -
We will start investigation on it

P.S. could you explain what do you mean by "I find when I start a profiling session and start the service I am interested in profiling", if you use "Windows service" profiling your service is started by dotMemory itself, and you do not need to start it separately.

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I am choosing "Windows Service" from the profile drop down, choosing the specific service I want to profile on the Profiler Configuraiton dialog (it does say windows service under Profile Application). Then click "RUN" to start the service through the memory profiler.

I am not manually starting the service and attaching.


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Sorry, I misunderstood you.

You can track issue state on bug tracker, if we reproduce bug, we will try to fix it ASAP. If not, we will ask you to help us again.

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Hi Chris

We made an investigations and found out that for now "Windows service" profiling works similar to ".NET process" profiling type. That is why dotMemory starts to profiling any .net application launched during profiling session.
We have a workaround for you, but it is quite  tricky.

You need to have integration of dotMemory into Visual Studio installed.

Follow these steps:

In Visual Studio  execute "Resharper" -> "Profile" -> "Profile Application Memory" menu item
Then choose ".NET process" profiling type
In the right side of configuration window press "Filter Processes" button
Add "exclude" mask for all your applications you use during profiling
Run profiling session

This configuration will appear on standalone dotMemory "Home" screen and you will be able to run it without repeating this workaround.

We are very sorry about inconvenience and will try to fix this problem as soon as possible.


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