Does dotTrace work with ASP.NET Core apps?

I'm trying to fire up a dotTrace session with an ASP.NET Core app, but I can't make it work. I assume I should be using the IIS Express connection, but since the app is really running on Kestrel on top of that, it doesn't work.


Hi Jeff,


Currently dotTrace doesn't officially support profiling of .NET Core applications because of some issues in .NET Core. But you can try to profile your ASP.NET Core app as described in this issue: or you just can run profiling in ".NET process" mode and then start your app (in this case you need to profile dotnet.exe process). Please note that only Sampling and Tracing profiling modes work fine for .NET Core.


Does dotTrace support net core now? The latest version of dotTrace seems to support net core apps but when I tried to use it, apparently dotTrace did not collect CPU samples. Also, is there a way to attach to an already running net core process?


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