Unable to use timeline mode (with native allocations) in dottrace in machines without internet

We are trying to use timeline mode in dottrace but it is not working. It gives different error like Command execution timeout,Unable to connect to Host

Although it works perfectly fine on my laptop but fails to work on machines which don't have internet ( I disabled downloading of symbols) still the same issue.


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Hi Idof450,

Thank you for the report!

dotTrace assumed not to require internet connection to perform profiling.

Could you please share logs from both `%temp%\JetLogs` and `%systemroot%\Temp\JetLogs`?

Hi..thanks for prompt reply, I have  logs from %temp%\JetLogs.

I could not find JetLogs folder at the other location.

Unfortunately, i'm not able to attach as attach option only supports images



Sorry for missleading you.

I've created the ticket: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DTRC-30938. Please, attach logs there.


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