Configuration and platform targeting for dotcover cli

Goog modning, i have a solution that have a lot of configurations. When i launch dotcover cli it searches for the first configuration in the list, and the configurations are alphabetically ordered. I need to target a specific configuration but i cannot find any parameters in the command line regardint it. How can i do it?

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Hello Cato80,

dotCover indeed does not have a specific parameter for that because it is a kind of wrapper/profiler for the process that actually executes the solution. It can be an NUnit, vstest, whatever test runner, or dotnet CLI, or another application, etc.

If we are talking about covering a solution, there are also several configurations: MSBuild configuration, runsettings for unit tests, run configuration for an app, for server, for client, for UI component, etc. 

So, should further assistance be required, please clarify the kind of configurations and what is the TargetExecutable for dotCover. Thank you! 


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