Using DotTrace apis to create separate tool

Can we use APIS of dottrace to create our own tool to collect the dottrace logs(sampling,tracing) from the production environment.

Is this allowed from licensing point of view.

To analyze the logs, we already have the dottrace license.

We can't use dotrace in the clients machine becuase of their own policies.

Official comment

The dotTrace console seems to be the best fit for your needs.

Also consider embedding the Self Profiling API into your application if the need for profiling on client machines is frequent.
It's a wrapper around console profiler mentioned above.

Thanks for the quick response and suggestion.

We will create a small utility tool using command line profiling to capture logs from client machines.

Ofcourse it wont be released as a tool.

My question can we do that i..e create our own tool using command line profiling?It is allowed from licenseing point of view?


Yes, the license terms allow you to distribute dotTrace command line tools and integrate them into your applications.


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