Dotcover command line process seems to hang mid-way through a test run

I'm trying to use dotCover to get coverage results for a project running vstest.console using the MSTest framework on .Net 4.6.2. The console is able to complete, but when I try to run the same suite through dotCover, it runs partway through the suite and then seems to hang. Is there anything that I can do to diagnose why it is hanging?

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Hi Bryan Pedlar 

Could you please collect the logs by running dotCover CLT with the following parameters? /CoreLogMask=Api;InstrumentationGt  /PdbServerLogMask=0 /LogLevel=Trace /LogFile=C:\log\dotcover_log.txt

In order to share the logs, you may submit a support request or upload logs to our private storage for support purposes.



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