Attacing to dotnetruntime never finishes

I wanted to get a profile of the .net app that has 2 BG footprint running in nomad. I shell out to container and run get-snapshot command but it never finishes.  Any ideas?


root@f6b604cf2fe9:/app/testing# ./dotmemory get-snapshot 7 --save-to-dir=snapshots
Performs memory profiling of .NET applications

Found 1 process(es):
 [7] dotnet

Attaching to [7] dotnet runtime...

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Please collect logs for us to analyze why it happens. To do this, run profiling session with enabled logs: 

./dotmemory get-snapshot <PID> --save-to-dir=snapshots --log-level=Trace --core-log-mask=Com,Api,Bridge,Snapshot,MetaDataGt,ThreadGt,ClassGt,FieldResolverGt,ClassRecoveryGt,AppDomainRecoveryGt,ThreadRecoveryGt,MemoryDumpGt,GcCb 

Wait ~2 minutes after “Attaching to” message and then stop profiling session using Ctrl+C action or kill dotMemory process if Ctrl+C doesn't work. 

You can find log files in <User temp>/JetLogs folder. For example, the path for Ubuntu is: /tmp/JetBrainsPerUserTemp-1000-1/JetLogs/

Archive all files in JetLogs and upload to our ftp:

Please also open /tmp folder and look for the lgc.*.tmp files. Upload all of them if they exist. 



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